Vixen by Sam Michaels. Action-packed, gritty, exciting! Vixen is a page-turning thrill!

Vixen by Sam Michaels. Thanks to Aria and NetGalley.

Fearless. Fiery. Gorgeous. Gutsy.

Georgina Garrett returns in Vixen.

Battersea London, 1939. The Maids of Battersea are no more, and WWII is about to break out.

Georgina has two loves of her life, husband Lash and son Alfie. But running her business with an iron fist is what pumps life through her veins.

With deadly rivals always trying to defy her, undermine her authority, and threatening her life, Georgina and loyal Victor and Johnny, have got to constantly be two steps ahead of their adversaries to stay alive.

Personal tragedy, gangland, revenge, war, spies, danger – Georgina’s at the crux of it all.

Action-packed, gritty, exciting - Vixen is a page-turning thrill!

Thank you to Net Galley and Aria for the read of Sam Michael’s, Vixen.

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