Under the Light of the Italian Moon by Jennifer Anton.

Thank you to author Jennifer Anton and Amsterdam Publishers for the read of Under the Light of the Italian Moon.

1914, Fonzaso, Italy. Amidst a close-knit family and village community, Nina has girlish dreams of what her future holds. Finding love with local boy Pietro wasn’t what she’d planned on, especially as he had high aspirations for his new life in America, but they married nonetheless.

No one expected war with Germany or that Italy’s Prime Minister Mussolini would ally her beloved country with the enemy. Nina was pressed to promise her mother that she would never leave her, further complicating the situation for the young lovers when Pietro must return to America.

Under fascist rule, through war, an ocean apart from her husband, Nina resolutely stays with her mother, the strong-spirited Adelasia who continues to midwife for expectant mothers in the village. Food and comforts are in short supply; hunger and fear are not. Years pass without Nina hearing from Pietro. If he was still alive, had he forsaken them? Had he left them both to soldier through time, suffering trials, and bearing burdens that threaten to break them with heartache and desolation?

Poignant and moving, Jennifer Anton brings these historic, heroic women to life vibrantly, respecting their memory graciously and honourably.

Blessed with a lion-hearted, courageous mamma who lived in Italy through this turbulent, terrifying era, I was riveted; transported through time by the beautifully written Under the Light of the Italian Moon.

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