The Waffle House on the Pier by Tilly Tennant. Sea-salt sighs and kisses... and a side of waffles!

The Waffle House on the Pier by Tilly Tennant. Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture.

Beckoning, blue skies. Warm, sun-kissed sand. Sea Salt Bay.

Sadie’s home village by the sea. Sadie loves her little paradise but has always yearned to get away from it—leaving it behind for training to be a teacher. To Sadie’s chagrin, she finds she is not all that suited to the realities of being a teacher.

Returning to idyllic Sea Salt Bay and her grandparents on the weekends, is her safe haven.

Ever since Sadie could remember, her grandparents ran the Waffle House on the Pier. Beachy-coloured, buzzing with both locals and tourists who cannot escape the delectable, inviting aroma of fresh-baked waffles, the Waffle House is the area’s temptress to all foodies. When Sadie’s grandmother is suddenly left alone to run the Waffle House, Sadie is torn between carrying on the beloved Waffle House tradition, or, agreeing to sell it.

As Sadie ponders her immediate future plans, we are introduced to her ex-love Declan. Having big-time regrets over their breakup Sadie wonders if he ever thinks of what they could have had. Bumping into Declan time and time again, just adds to her nostalgia and remorse. But Declan’s heart belongs to someone else, now. Or, does it?

When Sadie decides to stay on to help her grandmother run the Waffle House, things take a decidedly topsy-turvy twist when she meets Luke quite by accident. Did I say accident? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Sadie is a warm and likeable character with genuine flaws and insecurities, surrounded by a gaggle of great friends and well-meaning family. Sadie’s character shows credible individual growth. The storyline is realistic and relatable. And the depiction of the gorgeous locale, cheerful colours and scrumptious aromas…you’re there!

I thoroughly enjoyed The Waffle House on the Pier. It is a charming, delightful, feel-good summertime read.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for Tilly Tennant’s read of The Waffle House on the Pier.

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