The Red Ribbon by Pepper Basham.

1912, Virginia.

Carroll County is rocked by the violence that was to become the infamous Courthouse Massacre.

This true, grim event is recounted through the fictional character of Ava. Orphaned as a child, Ava’s only living relative is her elderly, wise Grandma Burcham. Beset with a fear of bringing misfortune to those she loves, Ava struggles with forming close relationships. Will her apprehension prevail when she discovers her feelings for best-friend Jeremiah are changing?

Hardworking, devout, and constant, Jeremiah is unwavering in his genuine desire to watch over Ava and prove to her that his love is enduring. Together, he is certain they can leave their family history in the past, where it belongs, and make a promising future. But can Jeremiah safeguard them from the county goons that threaten not only their happiness but their lives?

Although Ava and Jeremiah’s relationship is the main focus, Basham’s clever narrative is well supported by accurate depictions of the clashes between moonshiners and the law, and a historically detailed lead up to the fated shootout.

Barbour’s True Colors Series has gript me. From the little-known to the legendary, the authors have crafted these stories with ingenuity, expertise, and sheer reader appeal.

I highly recommend The Red Ribbon.

Thanks to NetGalley and Barbour Publishing for the read of Pepper D. Basham’s, The Red Ribbon.