The Purple Nightgown by A. D. Lawrence.

Soon to be heiress Stella suffers terribly from debilitating migraines. Desperate for a cure, she decides to try Dr. Hazzard’s fasting remedy – a treatment plan that promises to heal your every ill.

Henry, her best friend since childhood and family chauffeur, is set against Stella’s plan, Suspecting the doctor is a con, he cannot see how starving will cure Stella’s migraines and worries that she is being too hasty.

In short time, Stella is a patient at the Olalla spa, known by the locals as ‘Starvation Heights’. Suffering Hazzard’s unorthodox treatment of fasting, daily internal baths, and body massages which are more like beatings, Stella begins to doubt her decision. Terrified by grisly discoveries she stumbles upon, and weakened by starvation, Stella realizes she’s made a grave mistake believing in the integrity of Dr. Hazzard.

Understanding too late that it was out of love for her that Henry was against her plan, Stella desperately tries to reach him to rescue her before she meets an untimely demise. Hollowed by hunger, afraid, and alone, Stella focuses on God, the true healer of every ill. But is it truly too late for even the power of faith to save her?

Lawrence’s research on real-life “fasting specialist” Hazzard and her eccentric, harsh methods is exceptional; brilliantly weaving in a true account of the death of one of the patients and thoroughly detailing depictions of the institute’s gruesome practices.

Compelling, fascinating, unnervingly macabre, The Purple Nightgown grips the reader from start to finish. Like all the books in Barbour's True Colors Series, I read this in one sitting – could not put it down.

Thank you to NetGalley and Barbour Publishing for the read of A. D. Lawrence’s, The Purple Nightgown.

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