The Place We Call Home by Faith Hogan. Your heart follows you home.

The Place We Call Home by Faith Hogan. Thanks to Aria.

Young Miranda Reilly longs for something to fill her long, summer days in her slumberous town of Ballycove. Adolescent Richard Blair leaves the noise of London behind, to spend his summers in picturesque Ballycove with his grandparents. The two youngsters meet and become instant friends.

As the years pass, despite the separation and distance, their fledgling relationship blooms like the soft pink of a rose and continues to flourish. Miranda gains employment in the town’s mills and Richard gets accepted into a prestigious university.

Out come the thorns in the pink of the rose.

As their lives turn in different directions, so does their relationship. When Miranda hears that Richard is engaged and to be married—not one to sit on her laurels, she makes the most of her situation. When Paddy Corrigan, manager of the mills, sets his mind to winning her heart, Miranda doesn’t put up much resistance to the handsome, ambitious young man.

Shortly thereafter, young Miranda finds herself a happy wife, a loving mother, and when sudden calamity hits, the sole owner of the mills. Older Miranda successfully runs the mills and tries to keep a happy balance of staying close, but not overly involved in the lives of her three adult children: perfectionist Ada, self-serving Simon and successful Callie.

When newcomer Daniel shows up, the family learns he is the son of Richard Blair and with him come long-buried memories of the past for Miranda, and years-long secreted divulgences are revealed.

In the scenic setting of countryside Ireland, Hogan weaves the lives of her characters, seamlessly between past and present. Captivating her readers through the vivid depiction of Ballycove and its residents, mixing in the history and importance of the material mills, and blending it beautifully with a storyline that keeps you turning page after page.

I am a devoted fan of Faith Hogan. I know that when I read her books—usually more than once, I’m going to experience a range of sincere emotions, and always delight and revel in every chapter.

The Place We Call Home is a heart-warming, delightful, enjoy-every-word, must-read and I whole-heartedly recommend it.

Thank you to NetGalley and Aria for the read of Faith Hogan’s, The Place We Call Home.

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