The Marriage Lie by Ali Mercer. How well do you know the ones you love? Then realize...not at all.

Celebrating her 40th in a fancy restaurant with her handsome husband, didn’t end up how Stella had

imagined. Driving to a strange house, instead of a surprise cheesecake, her husband announces he wants a divorce and hands her a set of keys.

Stunned and shocked, Stella listens to his list of conditions and demands. Realization takes some time to dawn on Stella but the one thing that is clear immediately is how she is being threatened to stay away from their daughter, Georgie. And if she doesn’t, he’s going to rip the lid off her secret.

With much to lose, Stella slowly finds her voice and her way around the mess he has dumped her in.

A fundamental loose thread is introduced by way of Stella and her dissolving marriage, but once that thread starts to unravel, you find an intriguing, compelling story of a broken family riddled with years of dysfunctional relationships and damaging secrecy.

Another remarkable, must-read from the extraordinary Ali Mercer.

Highly recommend The Marriage Lie.

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