The Girl You Gave Away by Jess Ryder. Who really showed up?

The Girl You Gave Away by Jess Ryder. Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture.

As a young teenager, Erin felt stifled by her strict parents. Looking for adventure, the inexperienced Erin rebelled hard and fast. Falling into a bad crowd and making some terrible decisions, Erin is desolate when she finds out she is pregnant. Her bad-news boyfriend disappears, and she is alone. Regarded by her prim and proper parents with contempt, Erin is forced to give the baby up for adoption.

Erin eventually turns her life around and…flash forward to her 40th birthday party, she feels sublimely at peace with her life. Everything is rosy. Until it turns Jade.

Her past comes back around like a fast-flying boomerang. Jade, the baby girl Erin gave away, suddenly wants to have a relationship with her birth mother.

Erin has never told her husband about the baby she gave up and she knows his reaction will be far from accepting. And how will her children accept the shocking revelation? Erin gets caught up in lie after lie, until circumstances turn ugly.

The Girl You Gave Away is an exciting read. The storyline is full of plot twists and turns, to the thrilling end. I read both endings and admit to preferring the one without the epilogue. The original ending left the reader suspended mid-thought, imagining the many different ways it could have gone.

I highly recommend The Girl You Gave Away.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for Jess Ryder’s read of, The Girl You Gave Away.

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