The French Wife by Diney Costeloe. Can one endure such abundance of joy, dreams, heartbreak & love?

The French Wife by Diney Costeloe. Thank you NetGalley and Head of Zeus..

Young, beautiful, and privileged Hélène St. Clair, had not expected to meet anyone outside of her usual social group until surprise guest Rupert, arrived at her sister’s lavish wedding. There was something about the dashing, handsome English man and his dark laughing eyes that set her heart beating double time.

Rupert, born just minutes after his twin brother, took advantage of not being his father’s heir and lived the life of a rakish heartbreaker, seemingly without a care in the world. At the last minute, he accepts a wedding invitation to his friend’s wedding and sets eyes on the enchanting Hélène – changing everything he thought he knew about himself, and what he wanted for his future.

Housekeeper Agathe is cast out by a heartless clergyman, leaving her apprentice Annette on her own, to take over the duties of keeping house for him. While Agathe reluctantly stays with her sister, poor Annette faces a merciless situation. Agathe is determined to help Annette and sets out on a bold mission - which finds her and a secret - pleading at the St. Clair family’s doorstep. The St. Clair’s have a history with both the servants which involves young Hélène – one they’d rather forget, but nonetheless, both Agathe and Annette are soon situated in their employ – as long as the secret guise is kept.

As the storylines of the characters unfold and evolve, they seamlessly mesh and entwine and keep the reader solidly engaged. I am verily impressed with Diney Costeloe’s writing and her excellent knowledge and detailed descriptions of estates, countryside, fashions, and life in late 1800 France and England, are superior - easily envisioning the sights and sounds.

There are secrets to be kept and lies to be confessed; heartbreak and tragedy to endure, friendships to be formed and relationships that need healing, and there is an abundance of joy, romance, and love to be found!

The French Wife is a must-read for any fan of Historical, Women’s Romantic fiction.

Thank you to NetGalley and Head of Zeus for the read of Diney Costeloe’s, The French Wife.

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