Siren by Sam Michaels. Rivals beware. This siren is open for business and ravenous for revenge.

Holloway Prison. London. November 1943.

Georgina Garrett is not cut out for incarceration. She misses her children terribly and still mourns the death of the man she loves. It's no surprise that even concrete cells can cage her. In true Georgina style, she soon secures the freedom she desires.

Her friends in Battersea, welcome Georgina’s return with hurrahs and anticipation. Georgina is pleased to see that Charlotte has done well renting out the apartments and collecting rents – even if one of the new tenants is a copper. Johnny and the old gang, always antsy for action, are thrilled to have Georgina back.

But Georgina has plans. She is hell-bent on retaliation for David’s murder. On top of this, the need to make money – loads of it and fast, fuels her. Risk and danger are no strangers to Georgina. She easily reasserts her position and reputation and reassumes command.

Rivals beware. Georgina is back: and this siren is open for business and ravenous for revenge.

The Georgina Garrett series is outstanding. I've been a Georgina fan since Trickster's first sentence. Sam Michael’s Siren is brilliant: action-packed, clever characters, colorful diction, and a twist that tops it all.

Thank you to NetGalley and Aria & Aries for the read of Sam Michael’s, Siren.

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