Secrets We Keep by Faith Hogan

When young Iris falls for a dashing rogue, she never expected the twist that fate had planned for her: hiding away in France with a deep secret. On her return to London, before settling for good, Iris takes a sojourn to readjust. She sets off for Ballytokeep — a quaint, coastal Irish village where life for Iris promises to start off uneventfully until she meets brothers Archie and Robert.

Kate turned a tragic life event into a splendid, successful career in law. But needing time away from her demanding career, she visits Ballytokeep and her now elderly aunt Iris. Kate falls in love with the town and decides to stay to reopen the abandoned Bath House and return it to its former glory. What she would never have imagined was successful rock star Todd, showing up in the same place. Providence was intent on churning up the past — why else would the source of her shattered heart turn up in this tucked away, idyllic village?

Faith Hogan delivers a brilliant cast of engaging personalities with storylines that effortlessly weave in and around alternate timelines and transport the reader immediately with the dynamic depiction of the scenic Ireland coast. The anguish of watching a loved one fade away by dementia is poignantly conveyed with tender finesse; secrets can’t be locked away forever.

The agony of absolute loss; the courage in starting over; the grace of genuine forgiveness and how second chances do happen — Secrets We Keep wraps around your heart and is a book to be treasured.

Thank you to Faith Hogan and Aria & Aries for the read of Faith Hogan’s, Secrets We Keep.

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