Outlawed by Anna North.

Newlywed Ada’s wedded bliss, is coming to an end.

After months of not being able to conceive, Ada is labeled as barren and kicked out of her husband’s home.

The whispering starts.

The accusations follow.

The witch hunt begins.

Ada’s midwife/healer mother knows what’s coming next and sends Ada away to a convent, desperate for her daughter’s safety.

Hidden in the quiet convent life gives Ada plenty of time to realize that what she really wants to do, is learn how to help other barren women. In order for that to happen, Ada must study with a renowned researcher but needs to figure out a way to get there. That means leaving the safety of the convent walls and seeking out notorious outlaw, The Kid and the Hole in the Wall gang.

Having braved the perilous journey to Hole in the Wall, Ada is met with hostility and reluctance by the gang members, to let her stay. After Ada’s doctoring talents prove her worthy, she is soon installed as a member and discovers that she has more in common with the outcasts than she could have thought.

Anna North world-builds a traditional Western background and fuses it with dystopian literature in this unique and singular sensational book.

Outlawed is simply brilliant.

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