My Mother's Choice by Ali Mercer.

My Mother's Choice by Ali Mercer. Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture.

Dani is doing her best to be a typical, awkward fourteen-year-old.

But what is normal about your mother’s death shrouded in mystery with no one willing to talk about it? What is regular about being raised by a downcast, single aunt? And what is typical about having next to no relationship with your detached father, who lives nearby?

Life seemed pretty sour for Dani.

Until the attic search unearthed the spiral notebook.

Dani’s discovery of the notebook, written in her mother’s hand, revealed a crucial point in her mother’s life—what caused her to take four-year-old Dani and run from the love of her life.

As Dani escapes into her mother’s past, she arrives closer to learning the truth. What the two adults in her life have worked so hard at keeping hush-hush, is about to be exposed. Will they be able to handle the emotional fall-out from the secret revelation?

Ali has this innate ability to crawl deep into the emotive workings of the reader through her characters and writing—captivating you from her first written page. My Mother’s Choice is a poignant story of life’s losses and share of melancholy, but it’s also a testament to repairing emotionally broken bridges and ultimate acceptance.

Highly recommend My Mother’s Choice.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for Ali Mercer’s read of My Mother’s Choice.

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