Memories of Wild Rose Bay by Susanne O'Leary.

Dr. Kate O’Rourke leaves her position in a hectic Dublin hospital to train in the old surgery of the quaint countryside of Wild Rose Bay.

Overwhelmed, not sure she’s cut out for the city hospital, and still not over the loss of her father, Kate takes an opportunity to rebalance by taking over the aging Dr. Pat’s practice, in the place where her father came from.

Immediately charmed by the breathtaking beauty and views of the Irish coast, Kate feels a sense of tranquility settle into her heart. Faced with the challenge of the villagers’ hesitation to accept a female physician, Kate also finds herself competing for the care of her patients, with Cormac, the trusted local healer.

Kate is an academic—her medically trained mind doubts the legendary healing customs and concoctions that Cormac uses to heal, and the two of them clash over their beliefs and methods.

While they may not agree on their medicinal practices, neither of them can deny their mutual magnetism. Kate and Cormac will have to move past their differences if they want to work it out.

I’ve visited Wild Rose Bay so often in Susanne’s books that I feel like I’d recognize the trails and breathtaking views. I think there should be a Blog Tour arranged for this enchanting town!

A feel-good story of taking chances, learning acceptance, and finding where your heart belongs.

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