Love Me Like You Do by Aimee Brown.

We dive headfirst into this delightful rom-com when Parker is dumped moments before walking down the aisle and literally bumps into stranger Liam, as she attempts to run as far away as she can from her asinine groom.

Newly acquainted Parker and Liam do not remain strangers for long and develop an instant camaraderie. Parker is nowhere near ready to have special feelings for anyone—not even White Knight Liam, but both of them are soon navigating through their friendship zone to the possibility of moving beyond that.

Engaging and relatable characters, a charming storyline, and Aimee Brown’s spirited and inspired writing, move the reader through Love Me Like You Do like a delightful breeze on a summer’s day. I read it in one sitting, relaxing with an iced glass—it’s that lovely of a rom-com, summer read.

I enjoy Aimee’s witty writing—reading her books is a feel-good getaway. Highly recommend Love Me Like You Do.

Thank you to NetGalley and Aria for the read of Aimee Brown’s, Love Me Like You Do.

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