Imagine That: The Magic of the Mysterious Lights by George Yuhasz.

Inquisitive, delightful Evelyn loves being out in her backyard, especially at nighttime.

Twirling and whirling, arms wide, head thrown back, she loves gazing up at the dark sky to watch the twinkling stars and wonder what lies beyond them. But wait…what are those flashing streaks of light blazing across the inky darkness zooming around and among the stars?

No one knows…because no one can see them, except Evelyn.

Pondering these glimmering lights, she hears her name whispered from a glow coming from behind some trees. When a beautiful, sparkling young woman emerges, Evelyn discovers that only she can see her. But before Evelyn can find out anything about the mysterious lady, she is called in for bedtime. With a promise to meet the next night under the stars, the excited and curious Evelyn can hardly wait.

The next night, as promised, the lady appears, ready to answer all of Evelyn’s questions. She calls herself the Maiden of Light – from a ‘place beyond the stars, full of happiness, magic and wonder’. The Maiden shares valuable words of wisdom with Evelyn: the gift of imagination is even more powerful than knowledge. With a little help from the Maiden, Evelyn learns the mystery of how to free her imagination and create her own magic.

With its beautiful illustrations, expressive narrative, and the endearing Evelyn, Imagine That very charmingly delivers a positive, inspiring message of instilling in our children, the conviction and confidence to connect with and cultivate the precious gift of imagination.

Joyfully calling on the child in me, I was spellbound by the prolific George Yuhasz’s story and soared away high up to where the spinning, sparkling stars make wishes and goals, come true.

Wonderful. Lyrical. Timeless. Magical.

Imagine That: The Magic of the Mysterious Lights should adorn the bookshelf of every child.

With much gratitude to author George Yuhasz and Outskirts Press, for the read of Imagine That: The Magic of the Mysterious Lights.

Opinions expressed are my own