Her Shallow Grave by D.K. Hood. This Sculptor is not in for the art.

Her Shallow Grave by D.K. Hood. Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture

Detectives Jenna and Kane return in this Black Rock Falls series where yet another killer claimed territory.

When a day of skiing turns up a gruesome murder scene, Jenna and Kane are thrown into a detective catch-the-killer-nightmare. This time, the killer displays various dismembered body parts of the different dead bodies as frozen abstract artwork—with a trademark garish, petrified smile on the victim’s face.

The victims are women with similar traits—usually runaways, homeless, tattooed, a certain height and hair colour. Very little evidence and even less clues, Jenna and Kane are racing against time to prevent the Sculptor’s next murder.

With fast-paced action, incredibly accurate and detailed criminal investigative material and a gore-thirsty maniacal murderer, D.K. Hood delivers a thrilling murder-mystery.

I could hardly read this; it was so nerve-wracking. I could not put it down; I was fixated.

An outstanding and riveting read.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for D.K. Hood’s read of, Her Shallow Grave.

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