Breaking Faith by Edy Graziani.

Breaking Faith by Edy Graziani. Thanks to Edy Graziani and Second Story Press.

With thanks to Second Story Press and with much gratitude to author Edy Graziani, for the read of Breaking Faith.

Teenaged Faith didn’t have it safe or secure from early on.

Faith’s mother is a young widow to three young girls. Unable to recover from the depression over her husband’s death, Faith’s mother turns down a self-destructive path to substance abuse. As much as she loves her daughters, she is unable to resist the need. With a promise to return when the first front yard crocus blooms, she leaves Faith and her two sisters in their reluctant grandmother’s care.

Dejected and disheartened, the three sisters cling to each other for love and support. When Faith’s older sister is taken in by her paternal grandmother, Faith’s fragmented world breaks some more. After the bloom of the front yard crocus blossoms, the promise her mother made to return for them turns out to be a disheartening falsehood, and Faith’s world truly crumbles. Not caring much for life anymore, she spirals downward fairly quickly from that point on.

Finding no soft, secure place for herself, at home or at school, Faith begins to experiment with drugs and eventually ends up an addict, shattered, homeless and living on the streets. ‘Chasing the dragon’ is all that matters. It will not let her down. It is all that is real for her.

Faith knows its' destructive force. Will she have the strength her mother didn’t, to beat the need?

Graziani delivers Faith’s character arc from a forgiving, caring, trusting with child-like expectation youth, to an angry, hard, acting out destructive-behaviour teenager, with powerful perception.

Clearly well-researched and astutely written, Breaking Faith is a candidly bleak look into the perilous underside, and often tragic life of addiction.

It is dark, sad, disheartening, yet the whole time, the reader is engaged, hoping that Faith will live up to her inspirational name, come up from the deep, and swim for shore.

As a long-time fan of Edy Graziani’s work, Breaking Faith is a departure from her other books, but it is a true testimony to her immense breadth of talent and to her passion for writing.

Highly recommend Breaking Faith.

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