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Featured Review

The Housewarming

by S.E. Lynes

Book Review Archives 

My Review

Ava and Matt are an average married couple with an immense difference from the norm: they are desperately trying to carve an existence out of what’s left of their lives after the traumatic disappearance of their two-year-old.   


Ava is unable to cope with the loss of her little girl. The guilt she feels has spooned out her insides and left her a hollow shell. Her all-consuming grief traps her in a painful loop of reliving that day. However, that unforgiving mourning is the key that unravels the piecing together of the events of that tragic day.   


Matt is doing his best to be supportive of Ava while trying to keep himself from crashing. He can’t bear to see her so devastated, empty, fading. But Matt has a fear of his own corroding his insides, that if exposed, will destroy everything he holds dear.  


Attending a neighbor’s housewarming invitation is meant to ease Ava and Matt gently back into socialization with their friends. Instead, the shocking fall-out from that gathering ignites the flame to a powder keg that ultimately explodes, laying bare the smoldering bones of the duplicitous.  


S.E. Lynes delivers a powerful, emotionally-propelled, chilling account of the never-ending nightmare of the loss of a child. By establishing the reader deep into Ava’s mind, Lynes creates an instinctual connection to her overwhelming devastation. From the slow reveal to the final revelation, the reader is in mind-bending, heart-wrenching pursuit. 


I am a fan of S.E. Lynes, and if you aren’t yet, you are missing out on an ingenious and gifted author. 


I highly recommend reading The Housewarming as a 2020 must-read.

Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the read of S.E. Lynes’, The Housewarming

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