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 Book Reviews that offer a genuine opinion on a variety of fabulous reads.

I create Featured Author Interview Presentations:

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Featured Review

Woman on the Edge 

by Samantha M. Bailey

Book Review Archives 

Woman on the Edge by Samantha M. Bailey

About the book

A moment on the subway platform changes two women’s lives forever—a debut thriller that will take your breath away.

A total stranger on the subway platform whispers, “Take my baby.”

She places her child in your arms. She says your name.

Then she jumps...

In a split second, Morgan Kincaid’s life changes forever. She’s on her way home from work when a mother begs her to take her baby, then places the infant in her arms. Before Morgan can stop her, the distraught mother jumps in front of an oncoming train.

Morgan has never seen this woman before, and she can’t understand what would cause a person to give away her child and take her own life. She also can’t understand how this woman knew her name.

The police take Morgan in for questioning. She soon learns that the woman who jumped was Nicole Markham, prominent CEO of the athletic brand Breathe. She also learns that no witness can corroborate her version of events, which means she’s just become a murder suspect.

To prove her innocence, Morgan frantically retraces the last days of Nicole’s life. Was Nicole a new mother struggling with paranoia or was she in danger? When strange things start happening to Morgan, she suddenly realizes she might be in danger, too.

Woman on the Edge is a pulse-pounding, propulsive thriller about the lengths to which a woman will go to protect her baby—even if that means sacrificing her own life.

About Samantha

Samantha M. Bailey is the #1 bestselling author of Woman on the Edge, which has sold in eleven countries. She is also a journalist and freelance editor; her work has appeared in NOW Magazine, The Village Post, and Oxford University Press, among other publications. She lives in Toronto. Connect with her on Twitter @SBaileyBooks and on her website at


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Welcome to my reviews!

 Author Interview Presentations

Faith Hogan shares about her charming self, her bestselling book—

The Place We Call Home, and some exciting, upcoming news!

Ali Mercer shares about herself and her bestselling book—

His Secret Family and her newest, My Mother's Choice, Publication Day, July 29, 2020.

Ali Mercer Author Interview
Ali Mercer Author Interview Presentation

Sam Michaels shares about herself and her books—Trickster, Rivals...and what we could expect from Georgina in Vixen.

Sam Michael's Author Interview
Sam Michaels Author Interview Presentation

Watch an exclusive interview with Edy Graziani, author of War in My Town.

A nostalgic, heartwarming memoir of her mother's life in war-torn Italy.


Stay tuned for more great Author Interviews!


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